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Customer Testimonials

Real People

Real stories from real bank customers.

Hear the personal experiences of customers just like you, and why they chose Lewiston State Bank.

testimonial image of the sorenson family
Sorenson Family

“It was a perfect fit”

The Sorenson family talks about the options they were given to save money on their mortgage loan. They knew the employees and felt comfortable working with them.

testimonial image of the sorenson family

“No revolving door”

Owner Chris Williams says the Bank has, “No revolving doors.” He’s had the same constant service at the same personal level.

testimonial image of johnson medical
Johnson's Medical

You don’t get that from a big bank”

Donna Johnson felt the Bank took the time to know her personally and give the service that a “Big Bank” couldn’t offer.

testimonial image of lock it up
Lock-It-Up Storage

“They learned what we were all about”

When it came time to make the choice, Dan Nixon went with Bank of American Fork because of their personal approach and genuine interest in his success.

testimonial image of kneaders bakery

“Felt like I was with family”

Andrew Smith shows how the Bank of American Fork doesn’t treat you like just another number. They treat you like family.